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Silicosis is lung damage caused by breathing dust containing extremely fine particles of crystalline silica. Crystalline silica is found in concrete, masonry and rock.

At least 300 people die each year because of silicosis. More than 2 million workers are exposed silica dust on the job and about 10% of them are at a high risk of developing silicosis.

However, this disease is 100 percent preventable.

Workers and Sandblasters in the sandblasting industry, who remove paint and rust from buildings, bridges, tanks and other surfaces are at risk. As are people who clean foundry castings; mine through rock; crush stone; etch or frost glass; and construction workers who may be exposed to dangerous levels of crystalline silica.

Once inhaled, crystalline silica, can lead to one of three types of silicosis: chronic, accelerated or acute. The disease can cause also bronchitis and tuberculosis. Some scientists believe it may also cause lung cancer.

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